Welcome to Cybermod. "The Future is Now".


Computers assembled by Cybermod bring you the best experience in virtually every need you may have.

From demanding applications to the ultimate gaming experience, no one will stand a chance before you.

They are built to create the best performance for those discerning customers with demanding tastes.

Whether you want to start with our expertly crafted value for money system at €700, something at the high end at €4175, or anything in between - we have the system for you.

Unlike our competitors, we have tested all of our PC combinations in our own specialised way. Pushing the boundaries from stock, all the way to the ultimate overclocking frequencies. With our custom knowledge of speed enhancing techniques, we have analysed and provided not only specific cooling solutions but also complete thermal design specifications, all of which help improve the performance and stability of your system to the extreme.

We are Cybermod, and we are coming for you.


Welcome to Cybermod.

The Future is Now.